3 more people found a live in the collapsed Huruma building


3 more people have been rescued from the Huruma building that collapsed six days ago, raising the number of those found alive on Thursday to four.

The three, a man and two women, had been trapped in what appeared to have been a staircase, indicating that they got trapped while on their way out of the ill-fated building.

Unfortunately, one of the women died at Kenyatta National Hospital last night with the death toll from the Huruma building now standing at 36.

Earlier, at around 11.47am, a team of rescuers found a pregnant woman trapped in the rubble and managed to pull her out at around 3pm.

This followed the rescue of a six-month old baby who was found in a basin while wrapped in a blanket on Tuesday morning.

The girl was rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital after which she was re-united with her father.

The rescue operation is Friday expected to zero in on the ground floor of the building, with officials expressing hope that more people could be found alive.

The Huruma building collapsed last Friday following a heavy downpour that pounded the city for hours.

A joint rescue mission comprised of various agencies have been working round the clock to save trapped persons. So far 140 people have been rescued with about 70 still missing.

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