A family’s loss: How Ethiopian airline plane crash snatched a doctor

A Kisii county family is in shock after losing their daughter who was headed home after completing her doctor of philosophy degree from Viena, Austria in the Ethiopian plane clash.

Ann Mogoi who hailed from Misisita village in Kisii south sub county was among the 32 Kenyans who perished minutes after the plane had taken off from the Ethiopian airport.

A close family relative, Mzee Simeon Nyanga’te said he received the sad news when the authorities rung to inform them of the tragedy.

Area MCA Vincent Moisabi condoled with the family but petitioned the Kenya government to sustain communication with the family with a view to explaining how it intended to assist it with the funeral expenses

The government is currently engaging its Ethiopian counterpart on the ferrying of the bodies to the country for identification by their families before they were released for burial.

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