By Lucy Wanjiru

Why do women prefer dating rich boyfriends or marrying rich husbands rather than landing well-paying jobs? Where did this trend of young women ditching their age mates for older wealthy men really come from?

Well, women want a man who can complement them by supplementing their income. If she earns 50 thousand per month and that money is not enough to cater for all her requirements, then she needs a financially stable man who can add to what she has. In short, a broke guy just ain’t cutting it. They say love can’t pay bills; ladies want a partner, who can improve their financial situation.

Some women say that broke men are the most stubborn; they won’t give you peace of mind, at the same time they cannot fully cater for your needs. It is quite irritating that most broke men tend to be really sexually active, instead of directing that energy into making money; all they think about is sex. Some further explain that broke men are shallow minded. So while struggling to make ends meet, most ladies wonder , why they should carry more burdens?

There are also women who love family and they prioritize their kids or families rather than working. These kind of ladies prefer marrying financially stable men who can take care of the family needs while she concentrates on family.

Others want to live comfortably; it is natural for a woman to prefer a man with money because he will afford her a better life. It does not mean she is a ‘gold-digger’. after all, love cannot buy happiness. A woman may want to dress well, travel, have fun and live a good life. In this case she needs an ambitious man and responsible man who can afford to give her what she wants.

Beautiful women like dating wealthy men who can afford to maintain their so called ‘beauty.’ Some even prefer cross generational marriages especially with old white men or men from West Africa whom ladies consider to be more romantic and generous than local men.

So if a woman prefers her man to have money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is materialistic. It simply means that she wants to experience a life she can enjoy and to ensure that her children are well provided for.