Justice Aaron Ringera undergoes JSC panel ‘surgery’

The Former anti-corruption boss Aaron Ringera today joined the panel in an interview as the move to find replacement for the Chief Justice (CJ) position today on Tuesday.

Rengera began the interview on rough road as his role as the head of the 2003 “radical surgery” of the Judiciary came back to haunt him.

The retired judge was pressed hard from all corners by the panel to explain why he did not give the affected judges and magistrates a fair hearing and serving them personally with allegations against them.

Rengera however affirmed that he had no regrets of what they did then, only regretting that their names were leaked to the public before they could be heard.

In the radical surgery, 23 out of 45 Court of Appeal and High Court Judges, as well as 82 out of 254 magistrates were declared corrupt.

“I have no regrets over the purge of the Judiciary. It was my highest moment because I was looking at my seniors and my friends five of whom suffered I felt personally pained, but I did the job,” said Mr Ringera.

Ringera however said that if given the job and the same case is tabled on his desk he would handle the case differently.

“If given the job now, I would do it differently in a new legal and constitutional dispensation,” said Justice (rtd) Ringera to Commissioner Mohamed Warsame’s question.

The anti-corruption boss however rubbed off the statement that his job-turnover was financially influenced saying that great men are always recognized and when called upon to help they also don’t hesitate.

“When you are a great man, people recognise you. My public service endeavour has never been motivated by the love of money,” Ringera said.

He added that his motive to apply for the job was a result of his believe in skills vision and intergrity.

“I believe I have the skills necessary. I believe in the vision of the Judiciary and the core values of integrity, fidelity to the law, courage. Those are all my core values,” he said.

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