AG ordered to issue advisory opinion on Miguna

Justice John Mativo today ordered the AG to issue an advisory opinion to the court to shade light on why the Government appears to be disregarding court orders.

This is after the Attorney-General, Kihara Kariuki failed to appear in court to explain why the state has not facilitated Miguna Miguna’s entry into the country. The good Justice was quite miffed when the AG sent a team of lawyers to appear in court on his behalf.


The absence of the AG greatly concerned Miguna Miguna’s lawyers, who categorically stated that the state was treating the matter casually. They want nothing more than for the orders to be obeyed.


Miguna’s lawyer John Khaminwa said, “We have a real problem in this country. Why is it so hard for the government to obey court orders?”

So far five judges have issued orders asking the government to facilitate Miguna’s entry into the country that are yet to be complied with.