Aviation Market Growth in Kenya

By Ciku Wainaina

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority General Manager, Gilbert Kibe commented that the Kenya Aviation Market has been sluggish over the past few years. However, we must recognize the fact that there has been a tremendous growth in the Aviation field in Kenya. The aircraft movements, both domestic and international are recorded to have improved over the years.

The aircraft movements have an overall increment of 6.6 percent. Landings have increased by 5.2 percent and take-offs have increased by 6.9 percent.  The over-flights have increased by 9.8 percent.

This is with the domestic movements increasing by 7.5 percent and international flights increasing by 2.8 percent. Domestic landings and take-offs have increased by 6.7 percent and 8.3 percent respectively. International Landings and take offs have also increased with a good number.

International Air Transport Association reported that it expects more than double growth in air transport in the next twenty years in Kenya. Growth by 249 percent is expected if the current trends are maintained. According to their report, air sector transport contributed 3.2 billion to the country’s economy. This amounts to 4.6 percent of the country’s GPD.

Kenya ranked 12th globally on visa openness and 93rd out of 136 countries in surveyed cost competitiveness. The country also recorded 3.1 out of 10 in passenger facilitation which is above average of 3.0 of Africa.

Aviation security in Kenya has also greatly improved with effective implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices. Consequently, the country was awarded with ICAO council president certificate. According to KCAA general director Gilbert Kibe, they look to improve further and ensure airspace is safe and secure.