Back the report minus changes, Raila requests Jubilee

The coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) principals and their party members have today met following the recent achievement by the Joint Parliamentary-Select Committee (JPSC) that made its submission of the report on Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

Speaking during the event, Senator Moses Wetangula thanked their JSPC members for their tireless effort in coming up with the recommendations. Wetnagula said that he ready the report and recommendations carefully, and after analyzing them he has no doubt that it will deliver.

The former Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka also expressed his support to the report adding that the process was a way of saying “goodbye to the votes rigging’. He, however, said that they are and will be watching together with the global fraternity, and the Kenyans doesn’t expect anything other than  a good thing.

“Kenyans expect nothing but a good thing,” said the former president Kalonzo Musyoka. “The country will not expect anything less than that has been achieved.”

Kalonzo urged the panelist to do a thorough job and provide the names of potential candidates in replacing IEBC officials soonest possible, so that by before 30th September the commission may be in place. The wiper leader added that the report was as a result of negotiated process, in good faith.

“We are calling upon any CORD legislator to be able to stand up and be able to be counted tomorrow so that at leat the electorate will know that they did not short deliver on the expectations.”

The Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga said he was joyous since “all that begins well ends well.’Speaking during the press release, Raila also thanked the team that made democracy possible.

“We want to thank all those participate in making democracy happen, who responded to the call to make the electoral system back to proper,” the CORD leader Raila Odinga said.

“We would like elections to be true fully meaningful o the people of Africa. We would like elections to reflect the will, the wishes of the people,” Raila added noting that wishes of Kenyans should be reflected during next elections. “At the end of it when they say that the people of Kenya have spoken, indeed the people of Kenya has spoken.”

Raila said that they would tire to push for the democratic process since all they want is a fair electoral process. The CORD principal thanked the JSPC for their efforts in finalizing the report and also the Jubilee side present in the committee for compromising positively.

The Cord principal reiterated his remarks that the time for bloodshed was over and nobody who would or should shed blood during 2017 elections. Raila had said that yesterday during the anniversary of the late president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

“We don’t want to see Kenyans shed blood as a result of elections. We want the elections to end peacefully,“ CORD principal said. “Jubilee when beaten by CORD, as we are prepared to beat them, should, therefore, be prepared to concede defeat.”


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