Back to school sanity stressed as school children reopen this week.

A Public Service Vehicles(PSV) union has stressed on the urgent to embrace sanity in the sector as school children reopened this week.

Matatu Workers Union,Kisii branch chairman,Samson Okong’o urged the PSV crew to  handle  school children  with a ‘parental face’ so that they arrived in schools safely and in time.

He urged them to avoid fare hikes,over-speeding and directing the  school children to defective vehicles,a move he said will harm them. 

The chairman cited an incident  last term where two students returned to the bus park at night after  they reported late in  school owing to delayed transport.

Elizabeth Onwong’a a union official representing gender condemned peddlers of drugs and illicit brews at bus stages saying they will  report them   to security  personnel on patrol for action.

She observed some students were  lured by some touts into visiting the dens or accessing the intoxicating substances while they were on transit to schools.

The official advised parents to release their children early so that they were not stranded  at bus stages for lack of transportation means.