Bahati MP Ngujiri surrenders firearms

Nakuru lawmaker, Kimani Njunjiri has surrendered firearms at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Nakuru Bureau following the revocation of his firearm certificate by the State.

This follows his remarks with regard to Deputy President William Ruto being denied access to his newly refurbished official residence in Mombasa.

Ngunjiri is one of the casualties of the directive by Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai  which states that  VIPs who are facing crimes would have their licenses revoked and police bodyguards withdrawn.

On Tuesday morning, the MP was spotted returning two guns, one which appeared to have been a pistol and a larger one that appeared to have been a hunting rifle.

I have returned my guns. They have also confirmed that my AP bodyguard has been withdrawn and told to report to his bosses by 2pm this afternoon. As we speak, I’m naked because I don’t have a gun or any officer to protect myself,” he told journalists outside DCI offices in Nakuru.

Police alleged that his statement had the potential of sparking unrest in the Rift Valley region thus ordered Ngujiri to return the firearm after being grilled on Monday. His security detail was also withdrawn.

Ngunjiri revealed he was required to elaborate further over his claims. “I am wondering why they are asking me, yet the information was in a section of the media, they should instead ask the media houses that published the story,” he said.

He emphasized that he was only concerned about the alleged eviction of DP Ruto and had no intention of inciting the masses.