A boy strangled in Webuye, body dumped on the roadside

Meshak Nato, a standard six pupil, is from Mji village in Maraka ward, Webuye East. He went missing on Monday night.

The body had no physical injuries, but police suspected Nato was strangled. His clothes were nowhere to be seen.

Nato’s mother Margaret Simiyu said he went missing on Monday night, only for the family to be informed the following morning that he was dead. Neighbour Bernard Konya said he suspects Nato was a victim of a long-running family dispute.

He said the body was found outside the gate of a woman who was once married at his home, but was later divorced.

Police have launched investigations and said they will do “all we can to arrest the boy’s killers”.

Bungoma East police boss Zachaeus Ng’eno said postmortem results will give more details about the death.

Simiyu said, “We had prepared the evening meal. We ate together as a family.  In fact, he was the one who bought the vegetables that we ate from the market.

“After the meal, he took soap and said he wanted to wash his school shirt.”

That was the last time she saw him. Simiyu thought Nato would go to bed once he was done with the washing.

When she woke up at midnight, Nato was not in the house. She called out his name, but he did not respond. The distraught mother said she received a text message in the morning informing her to “come and pick up your son’s body”. She almost fainted, as Nato was her favorite child.Simiyu said she had great hopes in Nato and cannot come to terms with his untimely demise. Her plans for Nato have been brought to a halt. A dream has been shattered at the wicked hands of unknown assailants.

The mother struggled to find her voice and was overwhelmed by emotions.

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