Calm In Kakamega As Residents Defy Call For Demonstrations

Kakamega residents are going on with their daily activities defying calls by the opposition coalition to participate in anti-government protests.

Businesses opened as usual, transportation services are going on smoothly as police officers take strategic positions to quell any gathering that can spark demonstrations.

A contingent of police is already set at Maziwa road, a site that is well known where most demonstrations begin before advancing towards the town Centre.

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party Secretary General Cleophas Malala urged residents of Kakamega to continue with their daily activities and keep away from any form of demonstration.

Speaking to a group of youth in Kakamega town, Malala said they will not allow demonstrators to interfere with normal operations adding they will do whatever it costs to curb any mayhem including looting, destruction of property, and injuring and killing innocent Kenyans.

He said the Kenyan Constitution gives room for peaceful demonstrations but noted that Azimio la Umoja coalition protestors always turn violent.

“We want peace, we want people to continue with their businesses, we want development projects to be intact not destroyed,” the UDA SG said.

Malala asked the Azimio la Umoja Coalition to allow President William Ruto to work for Kenyans as the duly elected President of Kenya and wait for the 2027 General Election to try their luck.

He said threats by the coalition to use demonstrations to force President Ruto to moot a handshake has been rejected by Kenyans.

Malala also asked former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya to spare Kakamega from demonstrations that would lead to the destruction of property.

Member of County Assembly for Butali-Chegulo Ward Kevin Mahelo joined the youth to condemn demonstrations.

He said youth in Kakamega are not interested in any form of demonstrations as they are satisfied with the leadership of President William Ruto.