Candidate delivers baby girl before sitting for exams

A candidate from Kaptere Primary School in Baringo North had to sit her exams in hospital after giving birth hours to the commencement of the mathematics paper in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination (KCPE).
The candidate developed labour pains at midnight after which she was rushed to Kabartonjo Sub County hospital. She gave birth at around 3am which forced the centre managers to do arrangements for her to seat for exams in the hospital.
The candidate who delivered a baby girl sat all papers today at the hospital which begun with mathematics,English grammar before winding up with English composition.
Emily Cheboi , a nurse who attended to her said the free maternity services at the hospital made it possible to make arrangements for her to sit for her exams in a special room and the hospital was ready to accommodate her through the entire  period.
She said just like all candidate’s she was accorded a centre manager and security to ensure no exams irregularities,and while in the exam room, a caretaker takes charge of the child till she completes her exams.

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