A group of community volunteers from Tudor Ward in Mvita Constituency of Mombasa has kicked off a massive clean-up exercise in their as an initiative to address garbage menace.

The volunteers took to the major streets of Tudor Ward sweeping and clearing refuse from gutters and cleaning public beaches.

Speaking during the cleanup exercise, area MP called on the residents of Mvita County to keep their environment clean by disposing of waste materials in the designated areas provide by the County Government

The residents who joined the clean-up exercise said the move will restore the glory of the tourist resort city.

The garbage menace has bedeviled the county for years.

According to a UN Habitat Assessment Report of 2019 released by the county, Mombasa produces about 900 tons of solid waste every day.

The county only manages to collect 60 percent of it with the remaining 40 percent finding itself on to the streets all the way into the ocean.

The report also indicated that plastic waste made up 9 percent of the garbage, translating to about 81 tons whereby only half of it is processed for recycling.

Littering can cause significant harm to the environment, including marine life and animals and can be a breeding ground for various diseases