Cohen was murdered at his own residence


It is now quite clear that the missing Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen was savagely killed at his residence in Kitisuru, Spring Valley Nairobi where he stayed with his wife Sara Wairimu. His body was discovered yesterday inside a septic tank that had been plastered with cement.  Speculation has been rife that it is Wairimu who hatched the murder plot and she has since been arrested.

Speaking yesterday upon discovery of the body, the Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti stated that Cohen’s killers seem to have meticulously planned his elimination.

Investigations have revealed that the plot to kill Cohen was hatched three months ago. Behind the iron gates and the high walls around Cohen’s home, a murder most foul was then executed. His body was then dumped into the septic tank that was then sealed with cement. Then began the 43-day search for the Dutch billionaire ending in great pain for his family. According to his sister she had been in constant communication with Cohen until 19th July when his suddenly went off. This prompted her and his relatives in Denmark to make a formal complaint to Dutch police at Amsterdam who reported his sudden disappearance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Subsequently, Wairimu was arrested and detained at Muthaiga Police Station, on 29th August, and has been in custody ever since.

The DCI has asked to be given more time to complete their investigations into the matter.