My conditions is a business opportunity, ‘Can Head’ man says

Jamie Keeton, who was nicknamed “Can Head Man” as a result of a rare condition that lets can stick to his head and even the whole part of the body, says he is proud of that for it has turned out to fortune for him.

His rare skin condition is believed to be as a result of abnormally high body temperature he has ever had, 100 degrees Celsius, in his body that sometimes turns his skin into a body suction cup.

According to one doctor interviewed by ABC News, makes his head “act like the suction cups on an octopus’ tentacles.”

“Around 23 years ago I had shaved my head for the first time. It was a hot day, and I was trying to cool my head down by holding a soda pop to it,” Keeton says.

He adds that as he was trying to cool with his drink and he was shocked not to see it falling down as for the case in gravity after hi missed a ball he was trying to catch, only to realize that it was stuck on his head.

“But then the team hit a home run and I let go of my soda to try and grab the ball, but I missed. Then I was like, ‘Where’s my drink?’ It turned out, it was stuck to the back of my head horizontally and the drink was pouring out. Everyone was laughing.”

Keeton took that to his advantage and began hunting for fame. And this worked out well for him. In China, Keeton emerged the winner of the first man who could hold many cans on his head and indeed found himself in the Guinness books of record.

“I’m in China for the Guinness I world record. I now hold for most cans stuck to head,” he tweeted in January this year after winning the Guinness book record award.

Keeton says many business and companies have approached him as advertising media something he is proudly doing for it earns him something per day, the money he rolls on comes from his condition.

“I have turned this into a business where I actually promote peoples’ Company all the time, all the time by wearing the names on the cans or the shirts,” he adds.

Per day, the man makes around $1000 out of renting it.

His heard does not support cans only, it can support even mobile phones and when you try to pull them you feel as if you are working against a strong magnetic field.

The ‘Can man’ however said that porous materials like a shirt and the likes do not stick on his skin.

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