Confessions Of A Teacher On Teaching Practice

Up to now I am not yet sure why they had to post me for teaching practice in a girls school.

Head teacher. (on phone) hello is this Bramwell

Me: speaking

Head teacher : Morning, Head teacher Shikoti Girls.

Me: about my teaching practice?

Head teacher: sure, report tomorrow.

Up to now I am not yet sure why they had to post me for teaching practice in a girls school. My name is Bramwell, a teacher to be, currently going for teaching practice at Shikoti girls. I know I am shy but I have to. I have never met a lot of girls let alone speaking to two of them at once. I pack a few things here and there. My Cologne just to make sure sweat doesn’t surpass my ego. Tomorrow I will be introduced on parade as the new teacher on practice. This doesn’t give me peace so I call my girlfriend Fiona to ease the mood.

I arrive at Shikoti girls very early the following morning, my belongings at hand.

School Watchman: habari kijana mdogo umetutembelea?(Young man,have you come to visit us?)

Me: (Sigh. Does it look like nimewakimbilia!) yes nimewatembelea(I have visited you guys), where is the headteachers’ office?

School watchman: What do you want the head teacher for?

Me: (Is he the deputy? This is the reason he will always remain at the gate) nataka tu kumuona (I just want to see him)

This man is arrogant, even his beards reveal a certain delude of tough begotten days. After a series of a stupid arrogant conversation he lets me in. The school is silent and this probably is going to be my home for three months. I had an idea for the earth, I wished it could swallow me alive, but it didn’t just buy the idea. I am at the head teachers office. This madam swings her way just where I am seated.

Madam: Are you the teacher coming for practice?

Me: Yes

Madam: Wow! Welcome I am madam Jane

Me: Bramwell

Madam: You will be teaching English?

Me: My subject

Madam: Relieving, that’s what I teach (smiling)

The head teacher calls me in. By now I am shaking. A couple of salsa dancers doing their thing in my stomach. The moves do not give me peace. This madam leaves smiling all the way signaling me in a valentine directive, perhaps saying (I got you) She looks like she is threatening forty but her smile and voice sounds sweet sixteen.

Head teacher : You must be Bramwell

Me: Yes madam, Bramwell Pamba

Head teacher: This is Shikoti, a school, but a home. You will get to know better with time. You look tensed, are you?

Me: A little but I will be fine

Head teacher: it’s okay, feel free, feel welcome. I will be introducing you on parade and some confidence is key. Girls can mean to look at you deep in the eye and words will tend to migrate till another season.

Jesus this is where I need you most. Who the hell brought me to this teaching career. I am done. Earth please swallow me! How will I start my speech on parade, or should we just meet in class. Will I say I am Bramwell or I am Mr Bramwell Pamba. Jesus! That’s the bell for parade!

Story By Style Mundalo




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