Corrupt government officials to be dismissed

Deputy President William Ruto has directed government officials who engage in corruption while handling cases of sexual offences to be dismissed.

The DP already demanded to be given a name of a police officer who failed to deal with a case of defilement in Magarini until area Member of Parliament Michael Kingi intervened so as to sack him with immediate effect.

Ruto said such acts of laxity are the ones that have contributed to increased cases of teenage pregnancies in Kilifi County and the country at large.

Kilifi shocked the nation last month after statistics showed it was leading with cases of teenage pregnancies which had reached over 13000.

At the same time Ruto put public servants and land officials in Kilifi County on notice for engaging in Land injustices at the expense of the locals.

The DP spoke during a fundraising and issuance of 800 tittle deeds at Mapimo grounds Gongoni in Magarini on Wednesday.

“Any officer who will get information of defilement and fail to take action should get prepared to go home, whether it’s an assistant chief or police , if you cannot protect the minors you have no business in office,’’ he said.

He said those officers who are busy engaging in corrupt deals looking for bribes to prevent action be taken against offenders of such offences shall be taken to court.

“It’s abuse of office and totally unacceptable I would like to know the officer who failed to take action in a defilement case, I will take action and sack him tomorrow, “” he said.

Ruto asked to be given information from the person who reported to the police and action was not taken so that action is taken against him as such laxity could not be accepted,’’ he said. On land the DP said investigations will be launched against lands officials who engage in corruption.

He particularly noted that Magarini was highly affected on the issues of land injustices.

Already he said by June next year the National Government would have issued 17,000 tittle deeds in Magarini and 48,000 tittle deeds in the entire Kilifi county with a view to resolve the land injustices.

Ruto said he would like a solution to all injustices in settlement schemes such as Ngomeni, Kadzuhoni and others in Magarini which have issues.

He also cautioned security personnel against harassing bodaboda operators.

Ruto was accompanied by over 11 legislators from the Coast and one Governor from Kwale Salim Mvurya.

Magarini MP Michael Kingi public complained that complaint a 13 year old girl was reportedly raped by a man aged over 50 year and had to intervene through the OCPD for action to be taken.

He said such officers should be taken to court and charged with abuse of office.

The legislator also raised concern about the increased cases of land injustices which were caused by Land officers in his constituency.

He asked for revocation of tittles in deeds at Chakama, Ngomeni, and Galukani settlement scheme saying it was not done fairly.

“The land officers normally bring tittles that are located in distant areas from where the locals decide, the officials are not doing good to the people,’’ he said.

In another case Kingi asked for intervention of the DP on land in Kadzuhoni after a tycoon allegedly claimed ownership of an entire village with over 2000 people.

“Some crooked land officers issued faulty title deeds while some people from upcountry were also allocated lands in the area at the expense of locals.,’’ he said.

Those present included Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya who defected from ODM before the elections and was elected in a Jubilee party ticket together with Benjamin Tayari (Kinango), Owen Baya (Kilifi North), Michael Kingi (Magarini), Suleiman Dori (Msambeni), Wundanyi MP Danson Mwashako, Badi Twalib (Jomvu), Aisha Jumwa Malindi, Gertrude Mbeyu (Kilifi Woman Rep), Christine Zawadi (Nominated Senator), Paul Katana (Kaloleni), Lamu East MP Shariff Athman.