David Sankok: Prioritize the less fortunate persons when giving relief food

Nominated Member of Parliament representing persons living with disability David Sankok has asked the government to prioritize the less fortunate persons when giving relief food during this prolonged dry season.
He lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for declaring drought-affecting parts of the country a National disaster as over 2.1 million have been reported to be facing acute food shortage. Sankok asked the government to prioritize persons living with disability, children and women when distributing food aid. He advised National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) to give aid in form of cash transfer instead of buying food that will attract more cartels and eventually divert the money from the intended purpose.

Sankok observed that different people have different needs hence the best form of helping the less fortunate is by sending them money so that they can buy the most needed foods.  At the same time, Sankok faulted Rift Valley regional Commissioner George Natembeya for going live on National television to expose matters of National security. The nominated MP allied to Deputy President William Ruto called on the regional commissioner to take charge and end the ongoing conflicts at the troubled Laikipia land. He reiterated that the decision by the deputy president to donate land he is alleged to own in Laikipia was a strong indication of a good leader calling on all other leaders to follow the example.