Denis Rerimoi family call upon well-wishers to help them settle 4.9 million medical bill

Denis Rerimoi , a 27-year-old man has been detained in an Indian hospital for the last three months over a Sh1.6 million bill. Pauline Cheruyot,his mother has experienced a lot of problems over her son’s medical bill.

Under the hashtag #IstandWithRerimoi on twitter, majority have come out to request for helping hand to that family.Denis is said to have gone to India for kidney transplant this year on March 15 after all his kidneys completely failed.

“Every week he would spend more than Sh20,000 on treatment,” said her mother. This was after he was advised to undergo dialysis twice a week with each session costing Sh 10,000.

Mrs Cheruiyot, a primary school teacher, was recently forced to sell the family’s only two cows and send the money to sustain them. “We have tried to raise the money through all channels but things are getting tougher by the day,” said the mother, desperation written on her face.

With Denis abroad, Pauline’s other sibling, Moses Kiprop – younger brother to Denis was involved in a grisly motorcycle accident along the Karbanet – iten road and suffered serious injuries.

Kiprop was then admitted to Reale hospital in Eldoret and his bill rose to 3.3 million shillings. With nothing to sell, her grandmother came to their rescue were they were detained in hospital and offered her title deed as collateral for their release,

Mrs Cheruyot husband is said to have been detained in hospital India together with their son after their passports were confiscated.

It is like we are in prison. This part of the world is very hot. I plead with my countrymen and women to assist us to get out of here. As a family, we have sold all the properties we had,” said Mr Cheruiyot from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.


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