Deputy Governors want law amended to address resignation, death

The deputy-governors consultative forum now wants the law amended to address the issue of replacing them in case of a resignation or death.

In the wake of resignation of Nairobi deputy governor and the death of Nyeri governor last year, the forum noted that there was a lacuna in the issue of handing over of leadership.

This emerged during the start of their two day retreat in a Naivasha hotel where the issue of their role, supremacy battle and the coming elections dominated the forum.

Addressing the press at Great Rift Valley Lodge where the conference is going on, the deputies were however in agreement that they were not anyone stooge and would not be cowed.

According to chairman of the forum Joash Maangi, the role of the deputy governors was clearly outlined in the constitution.

While calling on his colleagues to serve the public without fear, the Kisii deputy governor admitted that they had been called names and back-stabbed during their tenure.

“Our role just like that of the deputy president is clearly outlined in the constitution and we should not seat going to back as some people try to shortchange us,” he said.

Maangi revisited the issue of deputy governors in Nyeri and Nairobi noting that there was a lacuna in the law on how the seat should be filled up in case of death or resignation.

The sentiments were echoed by Makueni deputy governor Adelina Mwau who noted that disputes between governors and their deputies was all about tenders.

While singling out Makueni as a county where the governor and his deputy worked hand in hand, Mwau said that there was nothing to hide between the two leaders.

“We have heard cases of governors and deputies fighting and I can confirm without fear that the differences are all about the control of cash,” she said.

On his part, Homa Bay deputy governor Hamilton Orata called for an urgent amendment of the law to address cases of nominations of new deputy governors in case of death or resignation.

“Where there are conflicts between the deputy governor and the governor, people are looking for money but if they went to serve the people these differences won’t be there,” he said.

Kiambu deputy governor James Nyoro termed differences between governors and their deputies as normal adding that the main focus should be to serve the electorate.

“The two may not agree on everything but there is a set manifesto which they should make sure that they work on so that they fulfill promises made to the electorate,” he said.

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