Doctors are only three issues behind return to work formula

The doctor’s strike continues as the involved bodies enter their last days given by the court to finalize on the return to work formula.

According to documents presented to court, revision of the basic salary and aspects of the payable allowances are among the three major issues that they wanted finalized.

To try and solve the matter, religious group joined the negotiation panel to try and see if they can positively impact the agreement Health could not change the basic salaries offered to doctors .

“The rationale was that even a small change would have huge fiscal implications as the basic salaries applied to all other categories across the public service,” reads the document.

The issues on internship, draft recognition agreement for the 47 counties and majority of the clauses in the draft CBA have already been solved.

The team is epected to complete the negotiation on Monday and temple a report on Tuesday.

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