DOTAFRICA (AFRICA) is the best choice for Africa in cyberspace

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 7 / APO / –  It is now possible to own an Internet address or Internet domain name ends with .africa.

Over 8,000 leading brands, companies and top people in the continent have already registered for this new great web address.

The various institutions ranging from banks to media companies to register for domain names .africa. Says Lucky Masilela, CEO

Lucky Masilela, CEO ZACR , non-profit company in charge of managing domain names .africa ‘s new on behalf of the continent “scramble leading brands , says that both international and prominent on the continent on the domain names .africa in terms of their awareness of the importance of the link to a bright future of the African continent through the Internet.

With many coming from Africa positive stories, ascertain trademark that the domain names .africa is one of the default value of assets for them. ”

54 countries in Africa are now united under one continent-wide domain name, in fulfillment of the Oliver Tambou and Abuja declarations of the 1990s.

These resolutions have been written stipulated that ICT will be central to the well – being of the African continent in the future, be sure that the domain name . Africa is one of the most important ICT initiatives led by Africa in the last 20 years.

“Help initiatives such as the names . Africa in harnessing the power of new technologies to solve old problems. The names of the initiative . Africa is unique in that it gives Africans a sense of special pride motivates them to achieve the best for their continent and for themselves. Appeals to the company ZACRall Africans to own the domain name . africa, where he is in fact the king of us all. “This came on the lips of Lucky Masilela at the end of his speech.

Domain names are available . africa now and anyone can register for it through the companies listed below: