Drama as family, preacher exhume body of infant to pray for it to come back to life in Naivasha

There was drama in a Naivasha estate after a family sought the services of some religious leaders to pray for their daughter who died a few weeks ago so that she can come back to life.

Residents of Karati village in the lake side town were caught in amusement following the move by the family.

Drama started after a woman whose one year old daughter died last month following an accident arrived in the village and began exhumed the remains of her child accompanied by the religious leaders.

Soon after, villagers who saw the incident gathered at the scene where the group that was undeterred by the large gathering continued with the exhumation process.

Once done, the woman who was wailing uncontrollably removed the body of her daughter from the coffin and together with the group she came with began praying for her to ‘rise’ from the dead.

One of the residents on noticing the activity was illegal alerted the local chief who arrived with police and the whole exercise was stopped.

According to a resident Peter Kimani, this was a bizarre occasion as they have never heard of anybody having been brought to life in the area.

Kimani said the woman appeared depressed adding that she required counseling for her to accept the situation that her only child had died and was buried.

“These are some of the churches that are misleading its followers that they can even raise someone who has died and this is totally wrong”.

The woman who did not want to talk to the media as she kept on hiding her face said she believed her daughter did not die and was ‘mistakenly’ buried.

She said her faith would bring her child back to life and wondered why the large crowd in the area yet they were only praying.

“Stop asking me questions and instead join me at the grave as we pray for my daughter to wake up so that we go home together”, she told the media who visited the area.

Area chief Samuel Ng’aNg’a termed the incident as illegal saying police were handling the matter and the body has been taken to Naivasha hospital mortuary where it is currently being preserved.

Ng’aNg’a at the same time cautioned residents against such incidences saying the law was clear and everyone was bound to it.

“They would have inquired from my office before exhuming the body of their kin and this wrong but let the police handle it”.