Dress For Confidence

What you put on goes a long way to show if you are confident of yourself or not,it speaks volumes.

There is a direct correlation between what we wear and what we think of our potential. You might’ve heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Well if it’s confidence we seek (and don’t we all?), then why not dress the part?

Ladies, here are the tips that will help you dress for your most confident self.

Learn how to dress for your body.

And I mean really learn. Know what denim style looks best on you, what fabric is most flattering, what skirt length is better for your figure, what elongates you best if you’re petite, or what bra size actually fit.

Embrace your favorite features.

What are your favorite parts of your body? Do you love your long legs, your height, your curves? Find outfits that play up and flatter these features, and mask the features you dislike, to show off what you want people to see, and hide what you don’t.

Know what colors look best on you.

The right colors can make your hair color radiant, your eyes pop, and your skin glow. The wrong colors can make you look sallow, washed out, or even tired.

Think about a time when you felt good in an outfit.

Try to remember an occasion when you felt great in what you wore. Maybe it was a sundress at a summer wedding or a fitted blazer at a board meeting. Think about why you felt good in that. Was it a flattering neckline? Did you like the length? Was it the fabric or the color? Remember what it was that made you feel good about that outfit, and implement that aspect into the rest of your wardrobe. If you liked the halter neckline of the sundress, don’t try to force yourself into a strapless dress for a fancy occasion. Opt for an evening gown with the halter neckline that made you feel good before, and you’re bound to feel good again.

Define your style

The most important secret for confidence is simply to be true to yourself and appreciate your uniqueness. This is the case for dressing as well. Instead of attempting to emulate what’s trendy or someone else’s style, know what you like, both on yourself and on other people. Finding a signature style will help you make every outfit you wear personal, so that you feel confident showing the world (or your boss or friend) who you are.

Bottom line, your first concern when getting dressed should be to empower yourself. Impressing others is just a byproduct.

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