Eko Dydda Marriage in trouble

By Mercy Imali

Eko Dydda’s wife,  Cynthia Ayugi took to Instagram guns blazing ranting about the philandering ways of her celebrity husband. Cynthia accused him of bedding her best friend.

“After nine years, I have finally left the marriage and I live in a separate place. Also, I want Eko to know that he is free to move on with the ‘DOPE’ woman in his life. I also want the world to know that not every friend is to be trusted,” said Cynthia. The marriage was blessed with two talented baby boys.

She said it was more painful that her best friend had gone behind her back to enjoy the good moments with her husband behind closed doors.

“Breaking someone’s marriage is not Godly, I invited you as a friend, today unasema ambia Eko Dydda not to bring me home because love yenu haita grow,” she said. She added that she would not keep silent just because Dydda is a celebrity. She further stated that she had left her “best friend” to God.

The wife came out only three months after Eko Dydda’s constant denials that his marriage had encountered problems.

“You know me. I cannot dare do all that which is being alleged online. My wife and children are with me, and I do not know where that bad rumour came from. I however, leave it to God to fight for me,” said Dydda.