Family mourns death of Son in Ethiopia plane crash

A family in Kinangop Nyandarua county is mourning the death of their son who was among the 32 Kenyans who lost their lives in the ill fated Ethiopian airlines plane crash on Sunday.
A somber mood engulfed Kahuro village in the agricultural area as residents thronged the family home trying to come to terms with the tragedy that had befallen an entire village.
Said to be a bright and an upcoming star, George Kabau who was working as an engineer with General Electric in Nairobi was on his way home after a three week tour of duty in Ethiopia.
According to his father Stephen Kabau, his son hadĀ  communicated to him that he was about to board the plane and would be in Nairobi shortly, a journey that was cut short by the crash.
An emotional Kabau said his son had just graduated from University and secured an employment at the company where he was working until his demise.
He termed the death as a big blow to the family saying he was educated with the little resources the family could gather including conducting harambees to be what he was before the crash ended his life prematurely.
“I don’t know what to say but one day i will ask a question why it had to be my son at his young age”.
Kabau said on the fateful day, they left the village early enough so as to recieve their son at the airport where they planned to have celebrations soon after.
“It was his first trip overseas and was over joyed to see that he was practising what he learnt in school and we had planned to do a small party for him, sadly that day neverĀ  materialized”.
His brother Dr. Tom Kabau said the death had dealt a blow to the family as he was very promising and had already outlined his vision and that of the village.
“We are equally saddened and we can only pray to God during this moment even as some of us travel to Ethiopia to help in identifying his body so that we give him a decent burial”.

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