Siaya Governor, Cornell Rasanga’s, bid to be the next Alego Usonga MP has received a blow after elders called on him to reconsider his decision. Mr Rasanga, who is serving his second term as the governor Siaya, announced his intention to succeed the current MP, Samwel Atandi as the area legislator a week ago where he called on the residents of Alego Usonga to support his bid. According to the elders from Kakan Clan (largest Clan in Alego), the move by the governor will risk chances of one of their own, Dr Kut Kochogo, from clinching the seat. The clan politics plays a major role in Alego Usonga elective positions, Rasanga hails from Karuoth Clan which is the second largest after Kakan.
According to Okoth Oluoko who chairs Kakan Council of elders, they supported the governor for two terms and therefore it was time for Rasanga to reciprocate. “Rasanga is our nephew, his mother is from Kakan Clan, therefore we humbly request him to support our son as a show of appreciation,” said Mr Okoth. He added, “It is a taboo for an uncle to fight over a lady with his nephew, our culture forbids that. We are not forcing anything, however, if it pleases the governor, we request him to support our son to clinch the seat. Governor Rasanga, at a political rally last week held at Randago trading centre, a place that is considered the heart of Kakan Clan, hinted to contest the legislative seat adding the number of contestants who have shown interest in the seat; Sam Atandi (current MP), former MP Omondi Muluan, William Oduol (formerly contested gubernatorial seat), Odunga Mamba (businessman), Erick Oketch, Erick Osuri (KPMDU), and Dr Kut Kochogo. Present at the rally where a crowd gathered was EALA MP Oburu Odinga who also showed interest in the senate seat come next year’s general elections.