Gambling: Matiangi signs deportation orders for 17 directors

By Mercy Imali

Fred Matiangi the Interior Cabinet Secretary has signed deportation orders for 17 directors involved in gambling.

The deportation orders are effective immediately. Majority of the deportees are Europeans. The deportees apparently violated work permits by engaging in business not stated on the application.

Matiangi in In May issued the Inspector General of Police and the Director of Criminal Investigations with a list of directors of betting companies for review.  The move was intended to rid the country of those with work permits not authorised for gambling.

Matiangi has said time and again that almost 100 percent of the revenue raised by gambling firms owned by foreigners goes back to their home countries. He insisted that no country has ever developed from gambling. He was deeply concerned with the ‘misrepresentation’ propagated by the Gaming Industry purporting economic growth.