Gideon handed ‘fimbo ya Nyayo’

Senator Gideon Moi is now officially the defacto heir of his late father.  While handing him Moi’s ‘rungu’ Raymond Moi said, “You have our blessings to go for it.” The famous Rungu was synonymous with Moi’s  reign.

Moi’s Tugen elders had handed it to Rongai MP, Raymond at the tail-end of Moi’s burial ceremony. Raymond then called Gideon to the main dais and passed it on to him.

He revealed, “Jogoo mwenyewe kama amelala..nimempea huyu ile rungu… na yeye mimi niko hapa.. kwani mimi ni stature.”

Gideon accepted the role, saying, “I was not expecting this…hata kushika hii rungu…nitashika and I will do my best help me God.”

The handover is indeed symbolic as Gideon is eyeing the presidency in 2022

Armed with the ‘power rungu’ Gideon is now tasked with making KANU great again.

Raymond reiterated that KANU is behind president Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Party leader Raila Odinga on BBI.

Moi always traveled with the the ‘power rungu’. It was made of ivory and gold and was a symbol of power, leadership and national cohesion.