Government burns midnight oil over Locust Invasion

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The Government is burning the midnight oil as it battles the locust invasion in Isiolo, Marsabit and Mandera counties.

According to Agriculture Cabinet secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri, the government has taken measures to ensure that they do not spread to other areas. He also refuted claims that the locust have spread to Meru County.

He confirmed that the government deployed two helicopters to help spray the insects in the ongoing locust control campaign. He however noted that the aerial teams had encountered challenges spraying swarms of locusts during the day when the insects are mostly mobile.

Kiunjuri requested members of the public to take pictures of insects they suspect to be locusts and share on social media. Kiunjuri stated that once the photos have been positively identified the government would take appropriate action. He emphasized that Kenyans should be on high alert as not all grasshoppers are desert locusts.

He revealed that the Desert Locust Control Organization for Eastern Africa (DLCO-EA) has the mandate of mobilizing both financial and technical resources though it is experiencing challenges.

He urged members of the public to be on the look-out and call 0720483136 or 0727781874 to report cases of invasion.

The particular locusts in North-Eastern are adult migratory locusts that can multiply quickly. They are highly mobile. Depending on its size, a swarm can eat up to 100 000 tonnes of green vegetation per day