IDPs protest Linturi “Madoadoa” sentiment

A section of Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Laikipia and Nyandarua counties have protested remarks made by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi during a political rally in Eldoret on Saturday.

The residents, most of them former IDPs evicted from their homes at the height of 2008 post-election violence have hit out at Linturi saying that he should face the full force of the law.

The former IDPs said that Linturi’s utterances which he referred to those opposing UDA as “madoadoa” amounted to outright incitement and political recklessness.

They observed that such utterances led to the post-election violence in 2008 and hence his remarks has opened fresh wounds that may take a little longer to heal as the country gears up for the forthcoming General elections in August this year.

Linturi made the remarks during Deputy President William Ruto’s rally at Eldoret’s Sports Club on Saturday.

Speaking at Kiddipa village in Ndaragwa and Wiyumiririe area in Laikipia East Constituencies respectively, the former IDPs want the government to take stern action against the politician and other leaders who were recklessly making remarks that would cause mayhem in the country.

Charles Kariuki from Kiddipa village and Peter Kariuki from Wiyumiriirie also regretted that to date, there were still some persons displaced from their homes and were yet to be resettled and hence want the government to move with speed and ensure that such issues are addressed before the August polls.

The residents observed that Kenyans have been living in peace for the past few years and any plans to incite them should be fought with zeal.

Linturi has since issued an apology and is being probed at a Nakuru court.

However on her part Nyandarua County Women Representative Faith Wairimu Gitau has come to the defense saying that as much as the remarks elicited mixed reactions, Linturi’s message was taken out of context.

Gitau who is gunning for Nyandarua governorship on UDA ticket said that Linturi sentiments did not mean to profile any community but his “madoadoa” statement was targeted at a few politicians who are not supporting Deputy President.

She said members of UDA that is associated with the DP are peaceful people.

She said Kenyans know people who have been causing violence in the country since 1960.