Is she fine when she says “Iam fine”?

When asked, men will actually say that women are the most complicated, complicated like computer motherboards when it comes to what they mean either midst their talks or at the end of a talk.

This is because men have never known the exact meaning of the phrase “I am fine” which is common almost in all women but has wide application either during a quarrel, an outing and even a relationship that has gone sour.

The meaning of the phrase is subject to the environment it was used in. It should be noted that women will use the phrase to express dissatisfaction and even show appreciation for something good or “bad” you have done to them.

Since there is no specific definition for the phase “I am fine” as it comes from women, the following speculations will aid the men in guessing what she meant when she says I am fine. The following are the common usages of the phrase.

  1. To see whether you can read her feelings.

This is one of the way women put you on the weighing medulla to determine whether you can unaided figure out what she is exactly feeling by reading her expressions. When such incidence occurs do not dare “use guess work” for you may sink the ship without knowing.

If you are a boyfriend, you better know that she’s thinking — you’ve been dating long enough to deem this perfectly acceptable. Yeah, this totally sounds like a rational methodology.

  1. Politely saying I am starving.

It’s quite interesting to realize that very few women will directly tell you straight to the face how they are feeling excluding the fact that she has a crush on you and saw that as an opportunity to tell you the fact, very daring.

When she’s tired or hungry women may prove hard to handle, irritable. When her stomach starts growling and her food headache approaches, the last thing she wants to do is engage in any conversation.

To avoid being a victim of emotional torture and hatred kindly step aside and let her raid the nearest food stand because everyone knows there’s no issue a good snack can’t solve.

  1. “Polite” indirect way of saying I am tired.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who didn’t get enough sleep. Women are irritable, cranky and most definitely going to take it out on you if and when you annoy them.

It would thus be easier to just let you know they are really tired, but honestly, you probably wouldn’t even believe they could get this bitchy due to lack of sleep.

  1. To put off an argument.

Women will use all skills to bring down “stone-like-argument-face” and find a piece of mind for themselves. When she senses that the talk may end up giving birth into an argument, a woman will just claim she’s fine, so you stop talking.

When this happens to you as a man, the best thing to do is to swallow the pride and “accept their victory” because no matter how frequent you pin her down with sweet-coating titles she will not give in for the talk and eventually you will get no further response, anyway.

  1. When she is not ready to talk about that

This is very common with women. For some reason, instead of saying either, “I don’t want to talk about it” or “It’s not you, it’s me,” a woman just claims she’s fine.

  1. She’s pissed off completely

You will actually knock on the door late at night or arriving at a date venue late and you get shocked to realize that her face is stoney. If you fail to inquire whether she is fine then get this right, you have sucked in another horrific encounter in her.

Funny enough she will claim that she is fine but her face tells it all. This “I am fine” is better said here than it looks like. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

She is using this as an excuse to be outright rude because the last thing she wants to do is explain how she is actually feeling. Throw some chocolate her way and leave her alone. See if that works.

  1. When she knows that she it’s on her period.

For women periods don’t come with chocolate but pain. In case your partner did not mentioned to you earlier that her period have begun and during the talk she bows down holding her stomach, as a caring man it’s good to ask her whether she is okay.

But if her calendar says so and you discover by yourself and you think the reason your girl is “fine” is that she is on her period, the last thing you should do is ask if she’s on her period. It may make absolutely no sense, but just don’t do it. Trust me and thank me later.

  1. Stressing is about to make her collapse

Woman stress maybe as a result of work or her personal life and when this happens some of them need solitude. Bothering her incessant nagging when “she’s okay” is okay may put you in danger corner.

When annoyed and you sense your girl or wife is stressed, just don’t even bother asking because you will not be getting any more of an elaborate response than that.

  1. She wants to be comforted

This is only one of the few positive reason the woman is saying she is fine but she does not want to tell you what she wants from you, to comfort her. You may see her lean on your chest as she says that she is okay, clearly but silently you should interpret this as “she needs to be comforted”.

She doesn’t want to delve into detail because her emotions will spiral out of control. Just sit there and be there; that is sufficient enough.

  1. Yes, she is okay.

As I began by saying, rarely will woman mean it but at this time she may be speaking her heart off, she is fine.

With women being that complicated then it now for the men to learn on how to have themselves understand with ease what she means by “I am fine”. For that short or long period you have stayed with her you should learn to read and understand her emotions transition for the betterment of your relationships.

To the men, all the best as you learn to read your womens “I am fine” from their emotions.

                                                                                          By Gabriel Mwandikwa