Jimmy Gait “Sponsor” video lands him to trouble with Kenyans

The gospel music artist Jimmy Gait yesterday felt the wrath of Kenyans following his newest video, dubbed “Yesu ndie sponsor”.

The musician was once again was on check after he released a cover song after the Musician Adelle released her “Hello” song, a song that attracted many covers in Kenya.

The song which was unveiled on Friday was heavily condemned by a section of the public who picked an issue with Gait for referring to Jesus as a ‘sponsor’.

When the name sponsor comes out the mouth of anybody in Kenya, the immediate understanding taken in is a man or woman especially elderly ones who finance the lifestyles of younger men or women for sexual favours.But Gait says the song is dedicated to young people looking for wealth in the wrong places.

“This song is dedicated to young people who want an easy life and quick success to remind them that Jesus is the real Sponsor who when they come to Him can get all they need, of course through the right ways, and not regret later[sic],” reads the song’s publication on YouTube.

Critics on social media bashed Gait over his choice of words in the song that they deemed ‘disrespectful to God’.

“So Jimmy gait ametoa song inaitwa sponsor ni yesu?? So imefika ni kucompare yesu na Kenyan politicians? “Isokay isorait,” Rapcha Sayantist tweeted.

“Guys let us look for someone to assist Jimmy Gait write a relevant song. Time to intervene and help a brother out,” noted Big Will.

Gait has been trending under hashtag #LyricsZaJimmyGait with people condemning his words as others made fun of his musi.

“#jimmygait seriously needs a complete overhaul musically,, he should consult the likes of @MercyMasika @Gloriamuliroo   #LyricsZaJimmyGait,” The Star of Africa tweeted.

“#LyricsZaJimmyGait “Hello baby Jesus come over, right now muhadhara taking over, me need you tonight here mi sponsor” cc @xtiandela,”

“Jimmy Gait is about to make a John11:35 happen again…#LyricsZaJimmyGait,” tweeted @kenn_main

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