Joy to single mothers as court rules in their favor.

The courts have today have come to a conclusion on the matters regarding children who are born out of wedlock’s.

Over the past years, many cases had been presented to court by women who blamed men for impregnating them and eventually leaving them to take care for the child.

The court has ruled that all children born to mothers out of wedlock have a right to have their father’s name inserted into their birth certificates.These good news to all single mothers came after Judge Mumbi Ngugi declared section 12 of Births and Deaths Registration Act which says that the father should be consulted before the name is inserted unconstitutional.

No person shall be entered in the register as the father of any child except either at the joint request of the father and mother or upon the production to the registrar of such evidence as he may require that the father and mother were married according to law or, in accordance with some recognized custom.

A single mother challenged its validity in court last week.The Attorney General has been given 45 days to comply with the directive and make the necessary legislation.

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