Justin Muturi acted in favor of controversial Bill


Justin Muturi , the National Assembly Speaker used his immense powers to alter the workings of the debate chamber in order to allow members of Parliament to change the constitution to protect themselves from prosecution.

He allowed for thirty minutes to pass so that the leaders could gather the masses for the vote as opposed to the 10 minutes allowed before the chamber doors are closed and no parliamentarian can enter.

He also allowed politicians with no voting cards to vote on the amendments ‘because of the national importance of the business to be conducted’

The Bill is set to be tabled before the Senate for a second round of legislation and should it be passed, it be passed, MPs argued that it would be the doctrine of separation of powers.

The bill was passed to protect the leaders as well as members of county assemblies from prosecution of anything they do ‘in good faith’ while in or out of office.

This immunity would prevent Kenyans taking them to court in cases of intervention of when leaders take advantage of the tax payers such as selfishly increasing their salaries or banning things important to the electorate to protect themselves.

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