KDF Crushes 40 Al Shabaab Fighters Planning Ambush

The Kenya Defence ForcesĀ  has reportedly killed more than 40 Al Shabaab militants who were planning an attack on their base at Dhamase in Gedo region, Somalia.

KDF fighter jets conducted precision air strikes after gathering intelligence reports of militants who had converged at a village near their camp.

The fighters had assembled at a village near the soldiers’ Forward Operating Base with a plan to conduct an ambush.

The strikes are said to have destroyed the terrorists’ machinery including trucks and other vehicles mounted with machine guns.

According to Somali media, the militiamen had earlier attacked the operation base with an aim of destroying communication equipment in order to cut links between the base and others.

Heavy exchange of mortar fire ensued with the Kenyan troops defending their camp against being overrun by the terrorists.

On Friday, Al Shabaab attacked Damasa area in Mandera County where property of unknown value belonging to telecommunications service provider Safaricom was destroyed.

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