KDF overpower Al Shabaab in Fresh Ambush

Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers today morning neutralized an attempted ambush by Al Shabaab militants in Dhoobley, Somali.

Soldiers on regular patrol near Hawina village which lies between Dhoobley and Taabto towns of Lower Juba are said to have spotted some militants planning to conduct an ambush.The Kenyan troops repulsed the militants amid heavy fighting that left three militants dead while several others injured.

Reports indicate that after sensing defeat, the fighters retreated and escaped but the fate of those injured remains unknown. No Kenyan soldier was injured during the battle.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday commended the soldiers operating under the African Union Mission to Somalia (Amisom) for the good work the servicemen were doing.

Meanwhile, Kenyatta threatened to withdraw the soldiers from the war-torn country if the international community would not pump more money to fund the peace-keeping mission.

Amisom forces have in the recent past accelerated attacks to crash the terror group especially in Jubaland region with KDF fighter jets bombarding several Al Shabaab camps killing top Commanders and militiamen.

The operation has also been strengthened by the involvement of foreign forces including those of the United States and Britain, whose Commandos have conducted several ground and air assaults causing massive casualties.