Kenyans divided over Raila’s political career, IPSOS

On Tuesday, IPSOS released a new poll that shows sharp and mixed reactions for the public about the former Prime minister of Kenya in his political career. The report was prepared from public opinion regarding politicians’ political future.

The research focused on 2,067 respondents aged above 18 with a sampling error of +/-2.16 with a confidence level of 95 percent. The data was collected using face-to-face interviews at the household level.

The findings show that, the public is fully divided over Raila being the flag bearer for the Coalition for Reforms and democracy (CORD) which hosts other principals like Kalonzo Musyoka, and Moses Wetangula.

35 per cent of Kenyans as per the report support retirement of Mr Odinga from politics Kenyan politics while 34 per cent feel he should remain active and run in the 2017 presidential race.

The findings also show that 26 per cent of Kenyans think Raila should remain active in politics but not run in the next elections, while 5 per cent of Kenyans are not sure what they want.

On political parties

15 per cent of Kenyans, according to the IPSOS report, have strong confidence in their political parties. On the same, 60 per cent have some confidence with 21 per cent having little confidence while 12 per cent have no confidence at all.

50 per cent of Kenyans do not think any party in the country genuinely represents the interest of ordinary Kenyans, out of which 48 per cent are Jubilee supporters while 51 per cent belong to CORD.

Similarly, 52 per cent of Kenyans feel they are more likely to benefit if their own ethnic community are in power of which 57 per cent are CORD supporters while Jubilee supporters stand at 48 per cent.

40 per cent of Kenyans disagree out of which 35 per cent are from CORD while 46 per cent are Jubilee.

Politicians trust

On peculiar foundation, the sitting president, Uhuru Kenyatta, is professed to have the bulk to fight deleterious ethnicity, condense corruption, lessen inequality, uphold economic development and defend the Constitution with 38, 33, 35, 41 and 73 percentages respectively with Raila coming in second with 28, 30, 28, 29 and 30 percentages.

Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi come in third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.

The report has sparked protests among CORD supporters on social media with most of them using the hashtag #WolfForHire to discredit the findings as they defended their political believes, parties and preferred politicians.

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