Former Nyaribari Masaba legislator,Elijah  Mosomi Moindi has challenged Kisii county government to declare its official position on private developer’s  property acquired legally.

An irate Moindi condemned the demolition of his rental housing  units  under construction  in Kisii town next  ‘Unique Supermarket’  and   damage to  property of  his tenants at night by the county government.

Speaking to the media at the scene ,Moindi  flushed  documents as proof that he legally  owned the parcel of land and the buildings on it.

He also produced receipts from the county government approving the on-going  construction and inspection card  from  its engineer.

Moindi bought the piece of land  over 20 years ago from the defunct Gusii County Council which was then broke was in need of   settling  remuneration arrears for its  workers.

The  former law maker, accused the county government of continuously  harassing him and at one time  prompting the commissioner of lands to travel to the ground and  vindicate him.

At one time,the county government had wanted to build a road through the land  alleging he had grabbed  it  before its officers were stopped short by the relevant authorities.

Denis Omurwa, a representative of the tenant, Transline Classic Bus Company,said the county government officers descended on their offices without notice.

They   pulled  down the offices in the face of customers leading to damage of their luggage  and loss of    parcels he added.

Joseph Mogire called for respect for  private property obtained in a  genuine manner.