Kitui doctors on strike

Image: Courtesy

Dozens of patients were turned away in Kitui as doctors are on go slow over unpaid dues. Among them is Joseph Mutuku Muema from Waita Ward, Mwingi Central Sub County. Mutuku left Mwingi level IV hospital a disappointed man as there was no staff to attend to him. The 46 year old suffers from chronic wounds on his backside which have spread to his legs, immobilizing him.

He was advised to go to Embu, since Kitui health workers are on strike over unpaid July salaries.

Mutuku’s wife fled ten years ago, and left him to raise four children with the help of his immediate neighbors and well-wishers.

“I live with one of my sons here who helps me in daily activities but the other children live with grandparents because they have nowhere to stay. My house fell following heavy rains and am now forced to stay in my son’s tiny room,” he said.

A neighbor, Peter Kimbu who has been supporting Mutuku wondered how the man could have suffered for two years yet there are government representatives even at village levels.

“A lot of people have been discharged at the facility and due to financial constraints…..”said Kimbu. According to him, both governments should amicably step in and solve this looming crisis.

Area residents have called on Kitui’s Governor, Charity Ngilu to step in as healthcare is a key pillar of her government.