Klopp commences EPL with win as Wenger loses his opener at Emirates

Arsenal saw drama unfold after Theo Walcott raised the goals curtain with a terrific goal past Simon Mignolet after 30 minutes since the first half kicked off, scoring the opener for Arsenal and the opener for the 7 goal match, 68 seconds after Theo failed to convert a penalty kick.

The half time ended 1-1 draw after Coutinho’s free kick flew past defense to the top corner leaving Cesh bewildered as Liverpool got an equalizer and second goal for the match.

Three minute after second half Liverpool took the lead following Adam Lallana’s super goal that left Wenger frowning his face.

Coutinho again and the rampant Sadio Mane came in quickly to put Liverpool 4-1 up 18 minutes into the second half.

However,  Arsenal managed to fight their way back into the game to 4-3 said something about their character – and more about Liverpool’s defence – but there were far more negatives here than positives.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (64) and Calum Chambers (75) scored the second and the third goals to give their fans hopes of a draw but Liverpool defence remained put.

Now 15th placed on the English Premier League table, though its only one match, may find themselves behind Chelsea if Conte beats West Ham United.

On the other hand, Champions, Leicester City began their campaign with a loss to Hull City while Manchester United thumbed Bournemouth 3-1 to claim victory and lead in EPL table after first match.

“Physically we are not ready,” Wenger said. “You’re in a catch 22 situation with the Euros because you give the players a rest. We are not ready to play this kind of game and they get injured like [Aaron] Ramsey today, or you give them a rest and you start the season without many of your players.”