Students at Kenya Medical Training College Kuria Campus in Migori County took their frustrations to the road, when they held a demonstration criticizing the poor management of the institutions.

The students, led by their president Wickliffe Otieno, were forced to match toward the office of Deputy County Commissioner Kehancha Sub County, where they felt their grievances would be heard without fear of dismissal.

The students claimed that since the beginning of mid last year, they have been obligated to persevere in the hands of some unforgiving lectures and the management, while accusing the principal of ignoring their raised concerns, something that they say to have had enough.

Through their leaders, the students accused a section of newly brought lectures of making life a living hell for them by subjecting them to various forms of harassment. The students also claimed that the school environment is not conducive for learning as there are no casual workers employed by the institution to help in cleaning.

As a matter of fact, some students decried that poor hygienic conditions of the school latrines has subjected them to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and digestive diseases like cholera.

“How can we call ourselves health students, when our environment speaks otherwise? We pay a lot of money yet we are forced to clean our own latrines and classrooms,” laments the student leader.

In addition, one of the key concerns that raised eyebrows was the impending interdiction of some lectures, who are said to be leaning towards the students. The students refuted claims that the lectures who are facing interdiction were sexually harassing them but instead stood by them against the management.

“The management is trying to accuse the lectures who have since stood firm with us of having been sexually harassing us. We are asking them to produce the alleged students involved because we have not heard of any case.” Said one of the student leaders.

They added that such sexual harassment allegations are used as a tool to silence sections of outspoken lectures, who are against the uncouth acts by the management.

The school Principal Mr Livingstone Muyonga, who was not at the school compound during the demonstrations, refuted the raised claims by the students as baseless as the matter allegations are being handled by the board.

While speaking on the phone, he noted his awareness of the said claims and confirmed to have written a letter for the board to intervene about the sexual allegations.

“When we heard of the sexual harassment allegations between the students and lectures, we called the alleged students and asked them but they denied. Therefore we will do further investigations on the matter.” Said Mr Muyonga.

However, he denied the interdiction claims of the said lectures as he said he has no power to do so pending investigations and the directive from the director.

The students, after having a lengthy talk with the deputy county commissioner Kehancha Sub County, were allowed to walk back to the school compound pending further action to be taken on their claims.

No student students were reported injured during the demos, as well as no property was destroyed, as the demonstrations were peaceful.