Live rats to be used during protests, Nyeri

In Nyeri protesters have warned to go on peaceful demonstration with live-rats accompanying them at the protesting grounds.

Termed as Operation Ondoa Panya, according to civil society group more than 200 live rats will be used on that day.According to John Wamagata the National coordinator of the operation, they were not pleased by the proposal by Nyeri County assembly to spend 75 million shillings on a health club.

“By Saturday, I will give a notification to police in Nyeri about the planned protests and then we go around collecting the rats. This is the only way we can highlight the problem to the people of Nyeri,” said Wamagata

The move by the Nyeri assembly to have such proposal was termed by Wamagata unworthy since the MCA looks to have neglected the Nyeri dwellers needs.