Lynda Nyangweso on her weight struggles

By Mercy Imali

Lynda Nyangweso, a presenter on Kiss FM has spoken out on her weight battles. Lynda has struggled with her weight since childhood wouldn’t want any other girl to go through what she has gone through/continues to go through. It’s now even worse with social media. Lynda has repeatedly been savagely body shamed on the net.

Lynda has struggled with her weight from way back. She narrates her story from back in school, where Lynda literally used to eat in the toilet to avoid people staring at her/shaming her.

“When I was a child I struggled with my weight. I remember I would never eat in public,” Lynda said on Instagram.

“It became so apparent that people stared at me when I ate, so I started eating in the toilet, which was so ridiculous.”

Depression set in and she almost committed suicide. The only reason she didn’t go through with ‘the plan’ was that she was afraid her Mum would not find a coffin her size.

Thankfully, she is now in a good place and is now out to encourage others.