Man beheaded at gaming den in Kitengela

Three men are in police custody over the murder of a 21-year-old man following a heated argument over a video game. The bizarre incident happened in broad daylight at a gaming shop in Kitengela town.

Eyewitness recounted seeing two men enter the gaming outlet and hurriedly shut the door. Shortly thereafter a scuffle ensued.

Passersby were attracted by the ensuing commotion and broke into the shop only to find the victim’s lifeless body with the throat slit. The blood-chilling stranger than fiction incident happened some 20 meters from a police post.

Isinya police boss Kinyua Mugambi said a probe has since been launched. The suspects were rescued by police from an angry mob which wanted to lynch them.

Prior to the murder, residents had accused police of abetting crime by allowing gambling business in the area despite a ban. They had singled out the gambling outlet as a den for criminal gangs.