A man kills his 5-months old baby

It is a story that has shocked many residents of Lurende village, Bumula constituency in Bungoma county. The story of a father who took away the life of his own son.

Mike Waswa, a 33 years old man is alleged to have killed his own son after a sorcerer advised him that his wife Jackline, had medicine in the house, plotting to take away his life.

According to the neighbor, the man came to his house on Monday with his wife and witchdoctor who asked the wife to remove the medicine she had placed in the house to kill the husband.

The neighbor explained that Jackeline denied having placed any witchcraft and left to his mother’s home to bring his relatives to help solve the dispute.

He said that her husband followed her and a confrontation ensued making the wife to run away to her parents and the man returned with the 5 months old baby boy to his house.

The man is said to have returned to the house and burned all households’ items belonging to the wife before throwing their five months old child to the fire and disposing it off in their latrine.

Bungoma Police Commander Charles Munyoli confirmed the incident and said that police have launched a man hunt for the suspect who has since gone missing.

The body of the minor was taken by police officers to Bungoma Referral Hospital Morgue.



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