Mandera clan crowns sultan, chooses elders

The Murulle community crowned its Sultan yesterday.Mohamed Khalif was crowned after 3 days of deliberation. He was anointed alongside 22 other Council of Elders members from the Murulle sub-clans of Yabarseyn (eight representatives), Sharmarke (six), Kulow (four), Nacabsor (three) and Dalcowtire (one).

Attendees described the selection as a step in the right direction. The Murulle community is known to vote in blocs, causing disunity.

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to the Murulle community because this body will give us clear direction on the sociopolitical front,” activist Ali Ibrahim said yesterday.

The sultan’s main task is to manage conflict and guide the community.The Mandera deputy governor, Lafey and Mandera East MPs, six MCAs and four nominated legislators are from the Murulle community.

Deputy Governor Omar Maalim said the selection was long overdue.Ninety-two officials were chosen by the sub-clans to select the sultan and Council of Elders.

“A community that lacks direction is like a headless chicken. I am more than proud to be part of this process. It is a milestone,” Mandera East MP Abdiaziz Farah said.

Elsewhere, chaos erupted in Eldas subcounty in Wajir on Tuesday following a dispute on the establishment of a sultanate for the Jibrail sub-clan.