Mark Zuckerberg arrives in Kenya to meet entrepreneurs

The Facebook Founder and the Chief Executive officer has today arrived in Kenya, Nairobi, as he progress with his tour in Africa after finishing is tour in Nigeria.

Mark said that he was here in Nairobi to meet entrepreneurs.

The 32-year-old billionaire tech CEO said he applied his engineering mindset to help build Facebook (FB, Tech30), a company that’s now worth north of $360 billion. The CEO also admitted giving up coding to manage his company was “a little sad”.

“There is an elegance to writing code that I miss,” Zuckerberg said during a Q&A session with tech entrepreneurs and developers in Lagos, Nigeria. “The code always does what you want — and people don’t.”

The Internet entrepreneur announced his arrival via his Facebook page where he pointed out that his mission is to meet with Kenyan entrepreneurs and developers and learn about mobile money.

“Just landed in Nairobi! I’m here to meet with entrepreneurs and developers, and to learn about mobile money — where Kenya is the world leader.

I’m starting at a place called iHub, where entrepreneurs can build and prototype their ideas. Two of the engineers I met — Fausto and Mark — designed a system to help people use mobile payments to buy small amounts of cooking gas, which is a lot safer and better for the environment than charcoal or kerosene. It’s inspiring to see how engineers here are using mobile money to build businesses and help their community”

Zuckerberg was later spotted at Mama Oliech’s eatery in Yaya, accompanied by ICT CS Joe Mucheru and PS Victor Kyalo taking lunch.

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