Miguna lawyers, media denied access to see him

By Victor Nabiswa

Lawyers representing Miguna Miguna are unable to gain access to their client who is being held at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The media has also been blocked from seeing the self-proclaimed general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

This comes barely two hours after Immigration Services boss Joseph Munywoki sent citizenship application forms to the airport to allow Miguna to regularize his Kenyan status.

The self-proclaimed NRM general has however refused to sign the documents saying that doing so would compromise the ongoing case.

Miguna, who fought and defeated government attempts to re-deport him to Canada via Dubai on Monday night, has insisted that he is a Kenyan and does not need to surrender his travel documents for stamping.

But Joseph Munywoki, the acting Director of Immigration Services, on Tuesday reiterated that the lawyer lost his Kenyan citizenship in 1998 when he became a Canadian at a time Kenyan laws did not allow dual citizenship.

After causing a scene at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Immigration officials decided get him the forms.

“To enable Miguna regularize his citizenship status, the Department of Immigration has dispatched the requisite application forms for Miguna to fill the process,” the statement read.

Munywoki said upon promulgation of the new constitution, which provided for dual citizenship,Miguna was expected to regain his Kenyan citizenship by applying.

To date, he added, the NASA activist has never done so.

He said Dr Miguna refused to hand over his travel documents for endorsement as required by law and international travel regulations.

The fiery lawyer arrived at 2.30pm via aboard an Emirates flight.

The Ministry of Interior said in compliance of a court order, they requested Miguna to present the documents he used for traveling to facilitate his entry.

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