Mom invents in-plane sleep activator for children

As any parent will tell you, one of the worst things about travelling on a plane is when your baby won’t settle and stop crying. And this does not apply to planes only, some are bothersome even in areas where you tip-toe as you avoid alerting ‘criminals’ of your presence.

When the kid yells out, either in pain, hunger or just missing to be cuddled, the other passengers look at you with that, I pity the child loo.

Sometimes you can’t sleep, and your poor bub is stressed and overtired by the time you get to your destination.

One Sydney mum has decided to put to an end the aero-tribulations by coming up with a solution that will allow your children to sleep on busy and noisy flights.

It is not something unique, not a singing doll or a toy to play with. In fact, if you thing is something you never saw, then you are wrong.

It is a bag that unzips and pops up, creating a covered bed for your baby that blocks out light and noise so they can sleep.

High School teacher Emma Lovell was flying back and forth from Sydney to the UK to care for her sick mum with five-month-old baby Aimee when she had the brilliant idea.

‘She was an awesome flyer but couldn’t sleep on the plane,’ Ms Lovell told Daily Mail Australia. ‘So I would take a huge sheet and masking tape to try and create a tent around her.’

‘I found myself as the envy of other parents. It was crap but it was better than nothing.’

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